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For the Farmers

Wholesale Selling
Sell your agricultural produce, livestock and animal products in bulk on the domestic and international markets, regardless of the size of your farm, the agricultural sector you're in, or your technological skills. Receive numerous offers, compare and negotiate in real time like never before. Search and be sought after. See where and who offers you the highest purchase price. Sell to the right buyer, get the maximum return.
Retail Selling
Open your own online retail store. Reach numerous customers through AGRA, sell both locally and nationwide. Deliver to households and offices, build relationships. Welcome customers to your farm, offer subscriptions for your products, and secure a steady market with retail-level pricing. Easy and fast, anyone can manage it. 
Farm Inputs
Buy sowing and planting material, fertilizers, chemicals, equipment, and everything else needed for your farm. Receive domestic and international offers, compare and purchase from where it's the most affordable. Don't have the capacity for large orders and better prices? See the farmers who share the same interests as you, unite in AGRA's cluster, and make a collective deal. Purchase at a better price together, save money!
Not comfortable working with new clients and suppliers? AGRA gives you the option, at your discretion, to protect 100% of your transactions, both the money and the goods involved, whether they have a short shelf life or not. No bureaucracy! It's time to stop relying solely on your old contacts, time to put an end to wandering and traveling in search of new buyers and sellers. Give it a try, you can even do it anonymously.
You're not Actively Seeking or Interested in Having New Clients and Suppliers?
With us, you have the option to invite your existing business partners and conduct transactions exclusively with them.
You will have traceability and an archive of every agreement and transaction with your established partners in our unique trading dashboard.
You will have easy and quick access to all documents related to your transactions, as well as the price history associated with them.
The most important thing is that you will have an overview of the domestic and international market, commodity prices, and their real-time fluctuations, as well as a historical record of their movements.
Compare how your current business partners perform in comparison to the competition and adjust your agreements accordingly.

For Wholesale Traders, Brokers, Processors, Food and Feed Manufacturers

  • Discover suppliers, including farmers, based on specific commodities, countries, and distances from your chosen location. Easily receive offers for the products you want to buy and compare them. Furthermore, receive price quote requests for the products you sell, enabling you to make the most profitable domestic and international deals. Buy and sell while simultaneously expanding your network of suppliers and customers.
  • Use at your discretion our option for 100% protection of transactions, regardless of distances and new business partnerships.
  • Monitor the state of crops and the market in real-time by country, along with our forecasts, commodity prices, and their movements. Assess and react in time, close quantities, and sell at the right moment.

We put an end to the challenging search for clients, suppliers, and farmers, including those who are willing to produce goods exclusively for you in the sector. Through visits to international exhibitions, you cannot build enough contacts to make the best possible deals. You also need to have connections with buyers and sellers worldwide who do not attend B2B events. Experience maximum profitability, optimization, and security without any bureaucracy.

The Crops and Their Condition

Monitor the condition of current and upcoming harvests by countries and regions. See the harvests for the current month, the upcoming month, and all harvests throughout the year for each commodity. Forecast prices and the market based on expected quantities and quality.

Prices and Our Forecasts

Monitor prices in real time – what they are, where they are headed, and how much they're changing. Stay up to date, react instantly, and don't lose money. Follow our forecasts – a combination of harvest, market trends, price movements, and real sentiments of market participants. Track our powerful metrics and historical data that help you confidently navigate the situation, so you're not in the dark and avoid risky decisions.

The Market and the News

Monitor the state of the market domestically and internationally. Keep track of news influencing it. Monitor the market activity. See which commodities are in high demand, which are cooling down, and which have active transactions with significant interest. Monitor everything that impacts prices from a market interest perspective. We provide you with additional and diverse data beyond UN Comtrade, ITC and FAO Stats, real-time data from market participants necessary for making the most profitable deals.

For the Retailers and Hospitality Venues

We have the only working solution for your specific delivery needs.

  • Buy directly from farmers in your region with personal delivery from them, on a fixed date and time of your choice, including the option for tomorrow if ordered today.
  • Receive offers from numerous farmers based on the specifications of the goods you're seeking. Compare, optimize, and find the quality you're looking for.
  • Profitability for the farmers, high-quality and maximally fresh produce for you, with secured deliveries and long-term relationships.

Everything Needed for Agriculture

  • Buy and sell domestically and internationally everything for the farm - equipment, fertilizers, chemicals, planting material, farmland, livestock pharmaceuticals, and more.
  • With us, you'll not just find the farmers, but the manufacturers and suppliers for all that a farm needs. Convenience for both sides.
  • Compare global offers like never before. Save and maximize gains.

AGRA is great not only for buyers and sellers, but for absolutely anyone connected to the agricultural sector - agricultural media, non-profit organizations, event organizers in the sector, those selling their farming business or assets, and more. Want to advertise? Do it innovatively and differently with us. No more wasted marketing budget. Join the leading agricultural marketplace.

Why Choose Us?

Selecting Business Partners

We are the rapidly growing marketplace for agricultural products, connecting thousands of sellers and buyers worldwide. With the necessary filters and functionalities, we enable you to discover the most suitable partners for each transaction.

Comparing Offers

We are the most effective and efficient platform for buying and selling, delivering real results through our innovative and unique approach. We ensure real-time transactions that are maximally profitable and optimized through personalized offers and real-time comparisons.

Solving Problems

We provide what everyone has been seeking for a long time - a tool for complete protection of money and goods until the completion of each deal, guaranteeing the execution of domestic and international transactions on both ends. Monitoring prices and their fluctuations, as well as markets and crop conditions by commodities and countries. Make forecasts, discuss, collaborate with other companies, and much more.

First Movers, and With Experience

We have no alternative, and moreover, it's easy – everyone can manage it. We keep it simple, but also genuinely effective, as it should be. We are the pioneers, offering the opportunity for everyone in the agriculture sector to be present online and to benefit from it in real terms – without territorial restrictions. With over 40 years of combined experience in trading agricultural produce and farming, we also work on sector-related innovations on a daily basis.

What Our Customers are Saying About Us

We are modernizing our equipment and the way we cultivate our produce, but we lack market-level development. I don't have an overview of the situation regarding prices, market conditions, and global harvests. I cannot assess the actual price levels and what I can demand based on global market levels, as well as when to sell and when to hold, because I don't have access to the necessary information to make informed decisions. I don't have enough contacts with domestic, let alone international, buyers or suppliers of farm inputs to make comparisons and identify and collect differences. We are tied and blindfolded. AGRA changes this and gives me the opportunity to stay up to date with market opportunities, and all this without territorial limitations. I am pleased that the AGRA team is constantly working on new things and that we finally have a farmer's cluster where I can make collective deals with colleagues and achieve better prices.
Farmer / South America
I am the owner of a supermarket, and when it comes to stocking agricultural products, I have always had two choices - a distributor or the wholesale market. The distributor's price is high, I have no option to review different quality products, to choose what will please my customers, and besides, it delivers me stock that is not as fresh as I'd like. The wholesale market takes up my time; every morning I have to be there at the crack of dawn, select goods from middlemen, and not buy directly from the farmers, so it's not as fresh as I'd like. The prices are debatable. Simply put, I cannot find a farmer for every product I sell in the store. AGRA is the first platform that offers a solution to this problem and actually connects me with the farmers in my region, specifically those who can deliver the quantity I need to the store on the date and time I have specified. I compare offers, varieties, and request samples if necessary. My orders are secure to ensure delivery. Excellent! Quality and freshness for me, a good price for the farmer, and long-term relationships.
Retailer / Europe
The trade of agricultural products is a highly competitive and dynamic business that is technologically lagging and is consequently practiced as it was in the 20th century. Traveling, inquiries, searches, exhibitions, phone calls. These are unnecessary expenses, but inevitable because the more contacts you have, the more profitable and beneficial deals you make. The differences in prices from seller to seller for the same product are sometimes very significant, especially when it comes to large quantities. AGRA not only gives us insight into agricultural production in real-time with the necessary tools to help us find the best supplier based on the situation, without territorial limitations and unnecessary expenses, but also it plays a pivotal role in expanding our buyer's network, connecting us with potential new clients around the world. Furthermore AGRA provides access to prices in different countries and useful information that assists us in deciding when and where to buy and sell, securing us a market that we cannot build and reach on our own.
Wholesaler / Asia

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