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How can I stop receiving the emails you send to my mailbox?

Very easy. Log in to AGRA with your email and password, then go to Settings, and next to Notifications. Here, you can customize what we notify you about. The blue button next to each message category means that notifications are enabled, and you will receive emails from us for it. Drag the blue button with your cursor to turn it gray and stop receiving notifications for the respective category.

To export or import goods, what language should I know?

You can publish marketplace listings for domestic buying and selling within your country in any language you prefer. However, listings for importing and exporting goods are advised to be published in English only. Negotiations for these ads are conducted in English or another language spoken by both parties, provided that the buyer or seller abroad speaks the same language as you.

Is the use of AGRA free?

In AGRA, there are two usage plans - Free and Paid Business Plans.

The Free plan is designed for you to experience the platform's effectiveness, explore its significant business opportunities, and understand how it can be beneficial to you. With this plan, you can find clients and suppliers for yourself, post listings for buying and selling, receive offers, open an online store, and more. The Free plan is also created to put you on the global agricultural map, but it comes with several limitations. These limitations prevent you from finalizing deals based on your listings or contacting new potential clients and suppliers you find until you upgrade to a business plan.

Once you are convinced that AGRA will be beneficial and you want to use the platform's services, you need to upgrade to a business plan by paying an annual usage fee. So, all restrictions will be lifted for you for a period of 365 days, allowing you to take full advantage of AGRA's features. You can view the fees after logging into the platform with your email and password.

Why does the platform have two main dashboards - B2B and B2C?

When you log in to AGRA with your email and password, you enter the B2B (business-to-business) section of the platform. Here, you engage in wholesale transactions with businesses such as farmers, wholesale traders, retailers, brokers, processors, food and feed manufacturers, and owners of hospitality venues.

The B2C (business-to-consumer) section of the platform is designed for managing your online store, intended for retail sales to consumers - families and offices.

Use B2B or B2C according to your needs and preferences.

Do you have mobile applications?

We are working on mobile applications for Android and iOS. AGRA is a real-time B2B marketplace with personalized offers for each user. Reaction speed is of great importance to ensure you don't miss a suitable deal. That's why our applications will be designed for you to track offers wherever you are and whatever you're doing, allowing you to react instantly. We will notify you by email when the applications are available for download.

During this time, we recommend using a computer instead of a phone. Our mobile version is excellent, but it will take you twice as much time to do anything compared to using a computer.

I am a seller, and I don't want the competition to see my prices. How can I avoid this?

In AGRA, the listings do not have a price. Sales are conducted through offering on specific purchase requests, and the offers are visible only to you and the buyer.