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Introducing the new AGRA!

Dec. 12, 2023
The new version of AGRA is now here. It is the result of our direct work with over 1000 companies and individuals, numerous discussions, and analyses. Our new design and user experience (UX) are our best yet. With this new and final version (GA) of AGRA, we introduce the world's first agricultural map, where you can visually find customers and suppliers based on their location. You can now search for buyers and sellers for specific products not only locally but also globally. With the new version, we bring a range of improvements and innovations that will help you navigate the platform as easily as possible and optimize your business to the fullest. In addition to improvements on www.agra.global, we've also made enhancements to our retail platform for consumers - www.farmer.agra.global.
AGRA is now also available in English. Expect Romanian, Greek, and Turkish soon.
We are working on dozens of new modules and tools that will transform AGRA from the fastest-growing and efficient marketplace into the largest and most popular one on a global scale. Explore, test, and use.
Need assistance? Feel free to call us anytime at +359889678333 or email us at support@agra.global.