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Year of Testing

Sep. 01, 2023
For over a year, we have been testing and developing both modules of AGRA - B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) in the phase known as the Release Candidate (a version of the platform that is not yet fully ready for presentation as a final and fully functional version). We have been preparing for the General Availability version (final and ready for use by everyone) of AGRA, which will be mass-marketed and accessible to everyone worldwide. We express our gratitude to the thousands of companies and individuals with whom we worked, both directly and through tracking user behaviour, to make AGRA as effective, functional, and capable as possible, addressing one of the biggest challenges in the agriculture sector - selling and buying without territorial limitations, with the option for offer comparisons and execution of maximally profitable and optimized deals. We have concluded testing and research, we are at the finish line, and soon we will introduce you to the new AGRA, effectively solving the trade issues in the sector.